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The 1990s marked an important period in the history and evolution of hunting lures in North America. Thanks to the speed of information and the advent of new technologies, among other factors, the 2000s have ushered in even more advances and changes in hunting techniques in Canada.

Inspired by the times, Nicole and Jacques Monette turned their vision and passion for whitetail deer into a family business, Monette Outdoor’s, in 1991. The couple, who had raised white-tailed deer for pleasure since 1988, embarked on research to broaden their knowledge. Their efforts led to the development of a range of high-quality,game-attracting products for hunters. The Ministère de l’Agriculture, des Pêcheries et de l’Alimentation du Québec (MAPAQ) approved the production facilities of Monette Outdoor’s in 1991.

A businessman by profession, Jacques had been a hunting pioneer for more than 50 years. Nicole had a background in production and accounting. Together they formed an unbeatable team, mapping out the future of Monette Outdoor’s.

In 2000, the couple’s daughter Annie joined the family business and took over the reins of production. Their son Stéphan came on board in 2003. His arrival instilled new life into the business. An avid hunter and graduate chef of the Institut de tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec (ITHQ), Stéphan applied his culinary skills to experimenting with and developing a variety of recipes for wild game. His work cast hunting in a new light and led to products enriched with minerals, proteins and probiotics. The reputation of La Monette Outdoor’s soon spread throughout America and Europe.

« Monette Outdoor’s line of pheromones was born, creating an unprecedented revolution in hunting in America and expanding into Europe. »


After a decade of operations, the company, located in Amherst near the Laurentian town of Mont-Tremblant, was awarded the Bronze Medal of the Ordre national du mérite agricole and later the Silver Medal in 2003. The quality of the company’s products and production facilities was recognized when it was shortlisted as a Gold Medal finalist in 2013. For the first time in 108 years, a white-tailed deer breeding farm joined the ranks of Quebec’s top producers. In 2007, the company embarked on a research and development program on its 500-acre fenced outdoor laboratory,using urine collected from 150 deer in captivity. With almost all of Stéphan’s and Annie’s energies now consumed by the business, it became necessary to hire staff.

In 2010, after five years of laboratory research in collaboration with accredited chemists, the company succeeded in synthesizing pheromones. Monette Outdoor’s line of pheromones was born, creating an unprecedented revolution in hunting in America and expanding into Europe.

Create demand

Monette Outdoor’s is constantly broadening its field and laboratory research to better meet the needs of hunters. The company is active on the Internet, educating hunters through its blog http://prolfm.blogspot.ca/), which is updated regularly with instructional videos on hunting and the use of its lures, and on Facebook with postings of the latest findings of its research. As well, Stéphan strives to stay in personal contact via Facebook with as many active followers of his page as possible.

For the past decade, Monette Outdoor’s has also hosted information sessions across Quebec from January to March to educate hunters and expand their knowledge about the use of the company’s lures. The format is entertaining and provides an opportunity for the company to promote its products while instructing customers about various modern hunting methods. Prime importance is given to the next generation of young hunters, who are invited to attend these information sessions for free in collaboration with the Fondation of wildlife In Quebec.

Monette Outdoor’s research centre remains a proud family operation. Apart from its four senior managers, other family members have joined the staff. Even the founders’ three grandchildren work full-time during their summer break.

Publicity and advertising

  • WildTV, Canada’s hunting and fishing TV network , features our products and hunting videos to over a million  subscriptions;
  • Stéphane reports regularly on hunting on a segment of Télémag on Quebec television for 200 000 viewers per week;
  • We host four radio programs on the no 1. show in Quebec with RadioX with Dupont, RadioX2 with Babu, Radio in  Beauce and Radio Boréal in Abitibi.
  • For the past 10 years, we have sponsored the group for women hunting ,Fauniquement femme.
  • We are involved in helping Canadian soldiers. For example, we invited a soldier who had been wounded in combat to hunt on our private game reserve.
  • We take part in a wide range of specialty hunting shows.
  • We work closely with journalists at Journal de Montréal and Journal de Québec.
  • Stéphan regularly writes a hunting column for the magazine Aventure Chasse &Pêche.
  • For the past two years Monette Outdoor’s  PRO-STAFF team of 25 hunting enthusiasts has been active on social media and travels across the province to attend various hunting festivals or simply to meet customers at store events.
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